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PLANNER - Leesburg, VA
Position requires a valid driver's license and driving record check. Requires any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in...
Published 5 hours ago by Loudoun County

Administrative Assistant II - Fairfax, VA
Must have a valid driver's license. Routes phone calls and other correspondence to appropriate staff. Performs Timekeeper entry and edits for HCV division, and...
Published 4 hours ago by Fairfax County Government

School Crossing Guards for Reston - Reston, VA
Issued by a state department of education. Must pass a medical screening provided by Fairfax County Occupational Health Center....
Published 4 hours ago by Fairfax County Government

Customer Service Representative - Ashburn, VA
Our line crew is responsible for creating exceptional guest experiences through greeting guests genuinely and personalized customer service....
Published 4 hours ago by CAVA

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How to beat resume screening systems!
Ever submit your application electronically? Odds are the company you just applied for are using a Resume Screening System. Find out how to get your resume in an actual HR person's hands! Great article.
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Job hunting got you feeling burnt out?
Here are some tips to keep you from going over the edge when job hunting. * Chill out on the constant submissions of your resume and start networking! Networking is a very important tool when looking for a new career plus its fun! It builds possible future business contacts and leads. *Social Media can be a great way to observe whats trending in regards to job openings, and position requirements. *Keep your focus on the top 5 companies you are really interested in working for. There's going to be many forwarded resumes, but you can't focus on all 18 of them. Keep the top 5 you are heavily interested in and do a little research. Get to know the company as if you are already employed with them. *Instead of sitting at the computer for hours set up email or text alerts. When theres a job opening that meets your search criteria. This will keep informed and up to date without all the time consumption.
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Check out the fastest growing careers !
Check out this great article...It showcases the fastest growing career fields within the next 2 years! Very informative if your unsure of what field you want to go into! Link is below:
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